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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE MACDOWELLRUGBY Announces First Ever 7s Rugby World Tour!

Following a successful period of growth in 2023 for the MACDOWELLRUGBY Academies, founder and head coach Robin MacDowell is delighted to announce the Program's first ever global 7s world tour. 

For over 15 years, MacDowell has been finding and developing talent throughout Canada and the world over. His track record of finding and harnessing raw talent continues to be proven as MacDowell athletes repeatedly shine on the world stage. 

MacDowell credits all those invested in the program for its success, including his talented coaching and administrative staff. “Our Academy staff is committed to creating opportunities for athletes to compete locally and nationally as well as across North America – and now globally! Our goal is for aspiring Canadian athletes to grow both on and off the field, ultimately preparing them for USport and national and professional team experiences.” 

MacDowell shares that the expectation is that when athletes arrive at the next level they are seasoned and well-prepared for the demands of high performance environments. The world-class MACDOWELLRUGBY leadership team plans diligently so that tours balance high performance with world class experiences both on and off the field for memories that last a lifetime.

In an effort to continue to create opportunities for athletes to perform and to build pathways to the Olympics and future World Cups, MACDOWELLRUGBY is assembling elite teams for their world tour, beginning in March, 2024 at the Tropical 7s in Tampa, Florida. There, MACDOWELLRUGBY will field seven teams (6 Youth, 1 Elite Women).

Subsequent stops include the Heidelberg 7s in Germany, the NAI 7s in Salt Lake City, Kamloops 7s, and Mexico City 7’s. The tour season culminates in December at the World School 7s, taking place in New Zealand and Australia.

MACDOWELLRUGBY's overarching goal has always been to develop and support all programs from club to country and to support and create new player pathways both on and off the field.  

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  • Karen Gasbarino, Feb 2024


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