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Our Vision

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           MacDOWELLRUGBY believes in developing athletes and people, by giving them the tools on and off the field to support their academic, athletic, and life aspirations. The MacDOWELLRUGBY team strongly identifies with the idea of developing an athlete to reach their full potential that would otherwise be untapped. Our main goal for our aspiring athletes is to Dream Big, Believe in themselves, which will ultimately help them Succeed in rugby and in life!

Our Structure


           MacDOWELLRUGBY Academy is a school-based rugby where students can earn phys-ed and leadership credits towards their high school diploma. Our program is holistic and focuses on rugby skill development, physical and mental health, and developing both academic and life skills that will help students achieve their goals and dreams. Student-athletes are supported daily by a full team of staff to meet all their needs on and off the field, including rugby skills, strength and conditioning, and mental skills coaches, as well as teachers and support staff.

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