Ben Gollings

I have known Robin for a long time now as a player and a coach. He was always a very competitive player and we enjoyed some good battles on the field during our playing careers. Off the field and post playing, Robin has become a dedicated coach who thrives on giving his athletes and coaches the best platform to perform off of. He has a great level of knowledge and experience at the international level that he uses to enhance the development of his players. For me which is most important, he has an awesome rapport with his players. He has played an integral part in players like Patrick Kay & Andrew Battaglia in the Canadian system. He truly loves what he does and is incredibly passionate about the game and its development.

England International & World Rugby 7's Record Points Leader

David Mays

I have had the pleasure of knowing Robin for over 15 years now. We played against each other on many occasions and it was obvious from an early age he was a talented athlete, with huge energy totally suited to the Sevens game! Robin has always had a tremendous passion for rugby and its evident from his playing days and now his coaching career, this hasn't changed. As one of his mentors in his playing days, the one thing that impressed me the most about Robin was his willingness to never quit or give up on a dream, whatever the challenge he met it full on with no fear of failure…He has now embraced this in his coaching career and passes on this vision and work ethic to his athletes. The MacDowellRugby academy is a testament to his hard working attitude and his passion to develop the next generation of Canadian athletes. Whoever attends the academy will have the pleasure of working with someone who tirelessly works to improve others…I am really looking forward to seeing the Academy grow from strength to strength and see future Canadian athletes evolve from this region.

International 7s and 15s Coach

Patrick Kay

There are many fine qualities of Coach Robin MacDowell, whom I have known and have been coached by for over eight years. Having family ties with Robin, we have had the opportunity to become very close on and off the rugby pitch. My older brother, who was extremely passionate about rugby, reached out to Robin to gain some expert advice on the sport. After my brother was unfortunately ruled out of playing the sport due to a disastrous brain injury, I was lucky enough to be taken under Robins wing. At that point in my life, a young fifteen years old, I was not quite sure if I would be able to make it as a high level rugby player. Robin made me see my potential and worked with me to achieve it. One of his main strengths is finding potential in young athletes and pushing them to make gains. His enthusiasm is a major strength as a coach. You will never hear a complaint about Robin not being involved or present. He has a very lively and passionate personality. He is someone who will back you one hundred percent if you are dedicated and work hard. Robin has a been a major influence on my rugby career, he made me realize that I was capable to take my game to the next level. 

Young Canada Athlete Of The Year, Canadian International 7s Player

Andrew Battaglia

Robin is a great coach, mentor and leader. When he led the first Howler’s 7’s (junior) team he brought together high performance players from across Canada and led the transformation of this group of individuals into a team. This was made possible partly because of Robin’s exceptional understanding of 7s strategy and key fundamentals and his ability to effectively translate this knowledge to his players. His understanding of the 7s game allows him to develop practices to build upon crucial skills necessary for game success. He is able to quickly asses players strengths and weaknesses and build a practice plan to build/enhance critical skill sets. Robin’s coaching strategy ensures constant performance improvement as he continues to challenge himself and his players. He is an exceptional leader and is well respected amongst all his players. 

All American Rugby Player, U-18 Canadian Player, Rugby Canada 7s Team

Jeri Schirr

Robin MacDowell has been my coach and rugby mentor for my entire rugby career, from when I first began the sport to now as a leader of my team. He set in motion further development of a men's rugby team at the University of Regina, and a few years later it spread into the creation of a women's team. Without that opportunity and Robin's drive to develop the program, I would have likely never played rugby. His passion for representing the maple leaf takes his training and coaching to another level. Robin helps develop a player's skills and physical abilities, but he also inspires passion for the game in young players such as myself. He demands players to practice and play with purpose and meaning, and to always fight for what they believe in. This mentality not only has created next level athletes, but has bred an amazing rugby culture at the University of Regina. Robin is a born coach and leader and will give his time and energy to any player at any level who shows excitement for the sport he loves. He also has great intuition for players who might have higher potential in rugby, and encourages them to dream bigger. Robin wants all his players to succeed and will give them all he can to help them achieve that. His excitement and energy for the sport create endless possibilities, and he has opened up many doors for people such as myself that I never thought possible.

University of Regina Cougars Women's Rugby 3x MVP

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